More and more tropical fish appear in the Adriatic Sea

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In recent years, the number of different species of tropical fish has sharply increased in the Adriatic Sea, and their population has also increased. Nevertheless, in the waters of the Adriatic Sea, Atlantic and Mediterranean fish still predominate, although the number of tropical underwater inhabitants is growing steadily every year. It should be noted that out of the whole variety of fish, the representatives of the underwater world of the tropical part of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean were most often announced at a seminar on the theme "Invasive imported species" at the Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor.

"Invasive species (IAS) are organisms that are accidentally or intentionally introduced into the environment, where they would never have appeared naturally, which appearance in a new habitat leads to serious negative consequences for flora and fauna, and also represent a serious threat to local plant and animal species in Europe, while at the same time damaging the country economy by billions of euros, "the seminar said.

The main ways of coming to the Adriatic for these tropical inhabitants, which threaten local fish species and cause great damage to traditional Mediterranean fisheries, is migration through both Suez canals, old and new, ballast water, and also "runaways" from private aquariums.

Among the known tropical species of fish and other inhabitants of the seas and oceans in the Adriatic Sea there are already found: brown shrimp, African gray triggerfish, barracuda, dark marble, tiger mackerel, imperial needles, blue cancers, fugu fish and others.

Director of the Institute of Marine Biology, Mirko Dzhurovich, said that this problem of invasive species exists in the world for the last several years.

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