Photo safari on quad-bikes in Montenegro - a breathtaking adventure...

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Today, the agency "UNA Montenegro" has presented its new project called "Quad foto safari" - Photo of a quad-bike safari in Montenegro, in honor of which an advertising promo tour on quadrocycles starting from the Pine embankment was organized.

Under the guidance of the experienced "conductor" Dalibor Shevalievich, the participants of the promo campaign swept the slopes of the Vrmac mountain range for new, comfortable and, most importantly, safe quad bikes, and also experienced an unforgettable sensation on the top of the mountain from which the entire Bay of Kotor was like On the palm of your hand and appeared before your eyes in all its splendor.

"All serious tourist countries, such as Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Madagascar, Australia, the United States, etc. can offer tourists a photo safari on cars or ATVs. I am a professional photographer and I think that Montenegro, thanks to its unique and diverse beauty, deserves that the inhabitants and guests of the country can have the opportunity to view it from different sides.This was exactly what the "Quad foto safari" project was designed for, which should combine a rather extreme kind of outdoor activities and taking pictures of interesting and On these four-wheeled vehicles that meet absolutely all the safety criteria, lovers of outdoor activities and photos can really capture the most beautiful and amazing thing that is in Montenegro and at the same time experience the utmost delight and receive a portion of adrenaline from an unforgettable adventure, "- said D. Shevalievich.

He also stressed that the agency "UNA Montenegro" already can offer guided tours on quadrocycles along the Vrmac mountain range, Lustica peninsula, Lovcen National Park, and also tours on the mountain ridge Orijen very soon.

Photo safari on quad-bikes in Montenegro is a real breathtaking adventure...

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