Montenegro celebrates Independence Day

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Today Montenegro celebrates Independence Day, which it found with the help of a referendum exactly 12 years ago, on 21 May, 2006.

According to official data, 419 240 citizens voted in the referendum, or 86.5% of the total number of voters. The state independence of Montenegro was supported by 230 661 citizens or 55.5%, while 185 002 or 44.5% voted for a single state with Serbia.

Earlier, the Parliament of Montenegro adopted the Law on the Referendum for the Independence of the country, which was agreed with the European Union. For the success of the referendum, it was necessary to support 55 percent or more of voters. The only question of the referendum: Do you want the Republic of Montenegro to be an independent state with full international legal subjectivity?

It should be noted that the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, on the occasion of Independence Day, stated that Montenegro has been developing steadily for the last twelve years since the restoration of state independence and that the Government will continue to lead the reform process in different areas.

"Twelve years is enough, but on the other hand, it is very little to realize all the expectations and promises that we voiced on May 21, 2006, especially when it comes to unstable and underdeveloped countries in the Balkans, where until now, all the fires that have engulfed thousands of human lives have not been extinguished", - the Prime Minister of Montenegro said at the reception on the occasion of Independence Day.

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