53 550 euros have been allocated for the restoration of the road to the fortress Medun

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To restore and reconstruct the access road to the ancient fortress Medun, which is located near the capital of Montenegro - the city of Podgorica, local authorities allocated 53 550 euros.

Mayor of Podgorica, Slavoljub Stepovic, during the solemn ceremony on the occasion of the completion of all works, recalled their cooperation with the Development Fund in order not only to preserve the cultural heritage of this historic site, but also to create better conditions for living in this area.

According to the custodian and restorer of ancient buildings, Magdalena Radulovic, the ancient city-fortress Medun is a pearl of the cultural heritage of Montenegro.

"It was recognized as a cultural monument of the first category in 1961, and in accordance with the new legislation it is a cultural monument of national importance. At the moment most of the fortress Medun has been restored, about 60 percent, but there is also the northern part of the fortress wall and the main tower, which also need reconstruction and restoration. When we start any work in the castle, first we need to conduct systematic archaeological research and get enough information and historical data in order to fully preserve the authenticity of the external and internal appearance of the fortress Medun, "said M. Radulovic.

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