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Within the framework of the project "WELCOME" of the international environmental program of cross-border cooperation between Italy, Albania and Montenegro, the State Marine Management Enterprise (JP Morsko dobro) and the Isthmus Biology Institute of the Sea organized this week the first activities for the collection and removal of plastic, plastic bags and another garbage from various beaches located in the Bay of Kotor and on the Adriatic coast.

The manager of the coast of Montenegro, JP Morsko dobro, reported that the collection and removal of waste was carried out on the coastal areas of the Velika Beach in Ulcinj, Bečići beach in Budva and Igalo beach in Herceg Novi. In total, within the framework of the implementation of this environmental project, 6 similar events will be organized for the cleaning of various public beaches and places for swimming in Montenegro.

It is also worth noting that all garbage on the beaches is collected separately (depending on its type and origin) in order to allow further processing of materials such as wood, plastic, glass and aluminum.

"The first results of a study of the wastes collected on the above beaches show that the amount and types of waste are different and that plastic is the dominant rubbish on all beaches." A large amount of natural wood was also collected on the beaches in Herceg Novi and Ulcinj, processed wood, which on all these beaches was very small. As compared to the coast in Herceg Novi and Ulcinj, the beaches in Budva were collected the least amount of waste, "- said from the company for the management of the marine economy of Montenegro, JP Morsko dobro.

The Institute of Marine Biology is expected to analyze and classify all collected wastes, and the results of the studies will allow monitoring of marine waste within the next two years, and also to identify the type and origin of waste entering Montenegrin beaches from the sea and various rivers.

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