18 new tourist points to open on the coast of Montenegro from Igalo to Kamenari

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Last week, the first new tourist information point was installed on the platform of the Herceg Novi bus station, which is due to begin work on June 15, 2018. As reported in the Tourist Organization Herceg Novi, this was the first of 18 tourist centers, which are planned to open this summer in the Herceg Nova Riviera area.

Thus, the local Tourist Organization wants every tourist, upon arrival to any place in the municipality of Herceg Novi, to get immediately the full and necessary information about the city - accommodation, cuisine, entertainment, attractions, cultural life and much more.

From the 1st of June eight more tourist information centers will be opened in the following places in the municipality of Herceg Novi: Sava Ilića 5, in the local community of the district of Topla, Savina (Bokeških mornara bb), in Zelenice (Poštanska bb), in local communities of settlements Kumbor and Djenovici, in Baosici on the embankment near the pool and in the Cultural and Sports Center, as well as in the local municipality of the town of Bijela.

In addition, in Herceg Novi you can find out information about the city, its sights, etc., as well as register as a tourist only in five tourist information points located on following places: Nikola Đurkovića square, Pet Danica quay, Sava Ilića bb, put žrtava fašizma and Kamenari, 500 meters from the ferry terminal.

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