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The Budva municipality and the Budva water polo club have come to the conclusion that in the near future they need to do everything possible to restore the city pool located near the walls of the Old Town of Budva in Montenegro and restore its former glory.

An outdoor swimming pool, located near the Old Town of Budva, was once a place not only for serious sports events and international competitions, but also one of the main and popular city facilities for meetings of both residents of Budva and numerous tourists.

At present, it has become a place for burial of garbage and various wastes, as well as for parking of various boats, yachts, and other sea vessels. This year, almost ten years later, the authorities of the city of Budva and the city water polo club decided to make every effort to clean, reconstruct and bring to the original appearance the pool itself and all the surrounding territory.

It is worth noting that the damaged stands and contaminated soil are just some of the problems. "After the geodetic survey of the basin, we will provide all the documentation to Budva municipality.The next stage is the development of the project and we hope that from the end of September we will begin the restoration of the urban pool near the Old Town of Budva," said the sports director of VK Budva , Nenad Franette.

After reconstruction, the city's pool in Budva will be designed not only for training the local water polo team, but also available to all citizens and guests of Montenegro.

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