Barge Barbara returned to the Montenegrin Maritime Heritage Museum

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Last night, a special truck from Elevator company (Podgorica) transported from the Navar shipyard to the Maritime Museum of the city of Tivat, which is located in the famous Porto Montenegro area, a symbol of the former shipyard Arsenal - the barque "Barbara".

Transportation of the barracks "Barbara" to the Museum of the marine heritage of the city of Tivat began at night and proved to be a huge technical task for all employees, as the city has rather narrow streets. The special multi-ton truck of Elevator company had a lot of problems when driving along the streets of Tivat until it arrived with a boat more than 20 meters long on the embankment in Porto Montenegro.

After transport, Barbara will be placed on a special platform near other exhibits from the Montenegrin marine heritage collection and together with the P-821 Heroj and P-912 Una submarines will become a permanent museum facility.

It is worth noting that Barbara's longboat was built in Germany in 1926, was at that time a combat unit of the navy of Yugoslavia and, subsequently, for several decades after World War II, until the closure of the Tivat Arsenal factory, transported workers from all over Bay of Kotor. Since 2015, the barracks "Barbara" was on restoration, to which the Municipality of Tivat allocated 9,000 euros.

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