The storm in the Bay of Kotor caused significant damage to coastal settlements

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Last night in the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro a storm passed, the speed of which sometimes reached about 30 m/s or more than 100 kilometers per hour, and caused great damage to coastal settlements.

According to the news from different areas of Montenegro, wind storm knocked over a few cars, even vans and trucks, carried billboards, damaged private houses and various buildings, felled many trees, destroyed many temporary structures and took various items of beach and home furniture, which was on the street . In the area of ​​Herceg Novi, fifty houses have been damaged, of which 34 are located in the village of Kamenari. In Meline destroyed a gas station, car wash and the wholesale market, demolished part of the roof of the fire, and destroyed the fence, shattered windows and damaged the roof of the X-ray department of the local city hospital. In addition, a significant damage to the park with pine trees, palm trees and Mediterranean vegetation. Various damages also exist in the areas Podime, Brajkovina and Kamenari.

Also, around 3 am the storm was also observed in the city of Tivat. In addition to the many devastations in the city itself, the storm wind damaged two small private planes located at the Tivat airport. "Damaged two aircrafts of general purpose of P180 type that were properly parked in their positions in the Tivat airport. It is a heavy aircraft weighing more than 6 tons, which once again underlines the strength of the last storm. In the near future there will be the representatives of insurance companies, who will assess the damage caused, "- said in a press release of the airport administration of Montenegro.

At the moment, wind storm over the Bay of Kotor significantly subsided, but the locals have noticed another storm funnel over the peninsula Lustica, which was heading towards Budva. According to the communal service of Bijela and Lustica, they constantly monitor the weather and are in a state of complete readiness.

At this point, representatives of local authorities, municipal utilities, municipal police service, emergency services, the Office of Emergency Management and the Red Cross are working in emergency mode, so as soon as possible to eliminate the consequences of the devastating storm of the night. They also appeal to all citizens and guests of Montenegro, who suffered as a result of the natural disaster, to report damage to the call center of the public service and inspection services by calling to the phone number 19800.

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