Strengthening of the control over compliance of traffic rules by drivers on the roads of Montenegro

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From 15 June to 1 July, 2018, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro, in cooperation with the National Bureau of Insurers of Montenegro, will conduct a national campaign, "Seat belt for all", aimed at strengthening control of car owners' compliance of traffic rules, namely the use of drivers and their passengers seat belts when driving on the roads of Montenegro, as well as compliance with the rules for the transportation of children!

The "Seat Belt for All" campaign, as reported by the Police Department, aims to raise awareness of all citizens about the importance of using a safety belt in vehicles when driving on the roads of Montenegro, which is a legal duty.

"Appropriate measures, actions and punishments will be applied to people like drivers and passengers who do not use the safety belt when driving in accordance with the Montenegrin traffic rules and the laws of the country.In addition, special attention of the traffic police will be given to transporting children properly in cars to make the category of the youngest road users more protected, "the police said.

Also representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro added that the use of seat belts in cars and other vehicles, according to the analysis, during an accident reduces the risk to the life of the driver and passengers by 50%.

At the end of this campaign, the traffic police will analyze the results achieved during the period, and all the data received will be taken into account in the future planning and implementation of similar measures to improve the safety of traffic on the Montenegrin roads.

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