One of the most beautiful sailing ships to sail to Tivat next week

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One of the most beautiful old sailing ships in Europe, the training ship of the navy of Romania - Mircea is sailing with an official visit to Montenegro next week.

On Monday, the training sailing ship "Mircea" of the Romanian Navy will leave for the resort town of Tivat where, for four days, it will be moored to the city embankment (in the Porto Montenegro area) along with our sailing vessel - the training ship of the Navy Montenegro "Jadran" (Adriatica) .

During the visit of the Romanian sailboat to the Bay of Kotor, its team will hold a number of joint activities with the crew of the Adriatica sailing ship and representatives of the navy of Montenegro, and the sailing vessel Mircea itself will be open to visitors.

In addition to the fact that the sailer Mircea, which length is 82 meters, and its displacement is 1,844 tons, is much larger than the sailing ship Jadran, the Romanian training ship is also five years younger than its Montenegrin counterpart.

The training sailing ship Mircea of ​​the Romanian Navy, 82 meters long and 12 meters wide, has three masts, on which 23 sails with a total area of ​​almost 1800 square meters are fixed. In addition to the sails, the Mircea also has an engine with a capacity of 1100 horsepower, which achieves a maximum speed of 10 knots. The sailboat can accommodate up to 210 crew members and cadets of the Naval Academy of the Romanian Navy to train and acquire the necessary marine knowledge and skills in practice.

In addition to cadets from Romania, cadets from Turkey, Germany, Croatia, Ukraine, France, Denmark and the Netherlands regularly study and practice in the Mircea sailing vessel.

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