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This weekend, the Blace Eco park, which is located near Niksic, has been cleaned and updated by a joint effort of representatives of the non-governmental organization (NGO) TNT and the Society of Young Ecologists of Montenegro.

It is reported that this voluntary action is part of the large-scale project "The Art of Recycling", which is being implemented thanks to the TNT NGO and is funded by the local brewery Trebjesa.

As part of the clean-up campaign for the Blace Eco-Park, which involved two dozen volunteers, weeds were removed, garbage collected and removed, the access road cleared and aligned, as well as a picnic site with two tables, four benches and swing.

"Blace Park was last updated in 2015 within the framework of the project of the Society of Young Environmentalists in Niksic (Montenegro), which won an annual competition from the brewery" Trebjesa. "After the reconstruction of the park, a large number of guests and residents of Niksic returned to this already forgotten place for recreation and picnic. However, as a result of the emergence of local garbage dumps and irresponsible attitude of people to this place, there is an annual need to clean and update the eco park Blace, "- said in a statement.

The organizers of the action called on all citizens of Montenegro and tourists to visit the eco park of Blace, enjoy all the beauty of the surrounding nature and try to keep the eco-park in its original form so that it can remain as clean as possible and everyone could visit it.

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