There are 568 rescuers on the beaches of Montenegro

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After the Red Cross of Montenegro held four training camps in May and June to train new rescuers on the water, and also created and published 11 conditions and rules for checking licenses from operating rescuers for 2018, tenants of Montenegrin beaches can use the services of 568 licensed rescuers on the current summer swimming season, announced the state enterprise for the management of the coastal zone of Montenegro, Morsko dobro.

A total of 96 new rescuers were trained in the training courses, and 472 operating rescuers successfully passed all inspections and confirmed their licenses.

"It is worth noting that this year we once again see an increase in the number of trained and licensed water rescuers who will work on Montenegrin beaches around the coast, which means that in Montenegro, interest in this profession is growing every year," - said in a statement of the company Morsko dobro.

The Red Cross of Montenegro is a member of the International Federation of Rescue on Water (ILS), so this training program meets all European and world standards.

The practical part of the exam included the following disciplines: swimming with a rescue crawler 100 meters for 1.40 minutes and less; Swimming of 300 meters for 4.30 minutes or less; transportation of the injured person by 25 meters using 3 methods; Swimming of 400 meters in 9 minutes and less (200 meters breaststroke and 200 meters freestyle); scuba diving for a length of at least 25 meters and lifting the victim from the bottom of the sea (3 meters' depth) - 3 times in 3 minutes. In addition to testing the theory and practice in swimming skills, during the examination, the knowledge in the field of rescuing people on the water was tested, as well as in the provision of first aid and resuscitation of the victims, "the Morsko dobro press release said.

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