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Yesterday around 11:00 am and today at night at 3:40 am the Department of Seismology of the Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro registered a strong earthquake with an epicenter at 24 km north-west of Tirana (Albania) and a small earthquake three kilometers south of Očinići, respectively.

It is worth noting that these earthquakes were felt in some areas of Montenegro, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia.

The magnitude of the earthquake, which was recorded at 11:00, was 5 points at the epicenter on the Richter scale, and the intensity (strength) of the earthquake was VI-VII on the Merkali scale (seismic scale in the USA). The epicenter of this earthquake was at a depth of 9 kilometers.

* 6 pointson the Merkali scale - slight fluctuations throughout the surface inside buildings. Suspended objects swing from strong vibrations. Objects with a high center of gravity fall. Doors and windows open and close. Cracked plaster and brickwork, the furniture is shifted, windows are bursting.

"Based on the constructed numerical model of intensity (force) change, magnitude and depth of the epicenter of this earthquake depending on the distance to certain areas, it is assumed that an earthquake can cause various damage to property and cause some material damage in the epicentral area," according to the Seismological website Institute of Montenegro.

The magnitude of the earthquake at 3:40 am in the epicenter was 3.5 points on the Richter scale, and the intensity (strength) of the earthquake was IV-V on the Merkali scale (the US seismic scale). The epicenter of this earthquake was at a depth of 18 kilometers.

"Based on numerical models of intensity changes with increasing distance from the epicenter in this region, an earthquake with a given magnitude, strength and depth of the epicenter can not cause any material damage in the epicentral region," the Seismological Institute of Montenegro reported.

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