Montenegro launched the Safe Drone Control campaign

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The Montenegrin Ministry of Civil Aviation has launched a campaign called "Safe Drones Control", which will train unmanned aerial vehicle operators and the general public on the use of quadrocycles and other aircraft that are increasingly used in Montenegro.

This campaign has been taking place for the second year in a row, and one of its main goals is to increase the number of registered operators of unmanned aerial vehicles in Montenegro.

"We invite all dron owners if they have not already done so to register and document their drone in the Ministry of Civil Aviation of Montenegro as a competent regulatory authority, which will contribute to the overall security of people and property in Montenegro and will reduce the illegal use of data Their registration is free and quite simple, and all the information necessary for the documentation and the application process is presented on our website "- was the subject a representative of the Civil Aviation Authority of Montenegro on the occasion of the launch of the "Safe Drone Control" campaign.

The Civil Aviation Agency also emphasizes that in the case of illicit use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Montenegro, their respective owners will be subject to appropriate measures imposed by law: penalties, fines and other legal proceedings provided for by law for violations of public order and calm.

Currently, according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, in Montenegro, 97 quadrackers, drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles have been registered. The conditions of use of the system of unmanned aerial vehicles and other aviation models used in the territory of Montenegro stipulate that all owners must register their drone with a weight of more than 0.5 kilogram, a speed of more than 20 m/s, a flight range of more than 15 meters and height more than 10 meters.

As part of the Safe Drone Management campaign, the Civil Aviation Authority of Montenegro, among other activities, has created and distributes training video clips that are available on digital media. The video explains in a clear and understandable way the main regulatory frameworks associated with the safe management and control of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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