The Orijen mountain range is registered as a protected area

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The Orijen mountain range, namely its part, located in the Herceg Novi municipality, is registered in the Register of Protected Areas of Montenegro and has officially acquired the status of a national natural park. More than five decades have taken various initiative groups to achieve the status of a national park for this territory and protect the natural riches of Mount Orijen.

It should be noted that this is the first state decision to protect the Orijen mountain range 52 years after the launch of the first initiative campaign to grant this site, located on the joint territory of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the status of the National Park.

Director of the Orijen Mountain Development and Protection Agency, Milia Vitorovich, said that at present, under the protection, there are more than 80 square kilometers of Herceg-Novsky part of the mountain massif. Mikhail Vitrovic has also added that in the future he will communicate with partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that they also provide protection for the relevant part of the rock mass located in their country, in order to develop jointly and protect the entire Orijen mountain range.

Mount Orijen is unique in its nature in the Adriatic and Mediterranean regions, as in some parts of this ecosystem, up to 40% of endemic species (inhabiting, as a rule, only in this region) inhabit species of animals and plants. In addition, the Mediterranean part of the Orijen mountain range has more than 49 mountain peaks above 1,500 meters and is an excellent place to study the history of development.

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