93% of Montenegrin beaches has the highest quality of seawater

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Sea water on Montenegrin beaches has excellent quality, complies with all sanitary standards and is safe for swimming and rest.

An analysis of the quality of seawater in the Adriatic Sea, conducted on 100 public beaches in Montenegro and various bathing areas, showed that 93% of the beaches in Montenegro corresponded to the K1 class and 7% of the beaches were seawater of the K2 class.

The quality of sea water on the beaches of Montenegro has been studied by the Institute of Marine Biology from 4 to 8 July.

"This data once again confirms that this season, seawater on the beaches of Montenegro has excellent quality, it meets all sanitary norms and is safe for swimming and rest," - says the statement of the company managing the coastal zone of Montenegro - Morsko dobro .

On all 16 beaches in the district of Ulcinj, the seawater is of excellent quality and corresponds to the K1 class. In the district of the municipality of Bar, with 12 public places for bathing - 11 were of superior quality K1, and on one beach, the water was of class K2. A similar situation was also observed in Budva, where, in total, seawater on 26 beaches was of class K1 and on the same beach, the water quality was of K2 class. In the municipality of Tivat, 8 public beaches had K1 class of seawater, while one water was of K2 class. In Kotor, a total of 15 beaches, 14 water quality corresponded to the highest class K1, and in one of them the quality of the seawater was of class K2. An analysis of the quality of sea water on the coast in the Herceg-Novy showed that the high quality of the K1 was only at 18 beaches, while the other 3 bathing places had water of class K2.

The management company Morsko Dobro reminds that all the results of the analysis of the sanitary quality of sea water on the coast of Montenegro, the data on the temperature of the Adriatic Sea, as well as the temperature of air and salinity of sea water on each beach can be seen in a special attachment, which is located on the official site.

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