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Last night, at the sunset in the Bay of Kotor, near the ancient city of Perast, there was an annual old custom called Fashinada. This unique and very beautiful custom is associated with the emergence of the artificial island of Our Lady of the Rocks, which is located in the Kotor Bay in front of Perast.

For five and a half centuries, every year, without interruption, on July 22 Fashinada is held, during which the inhabitants of the city of Perast load their boats with stones, float to the island of Our Lady of the Rocks and strengthen it, throwing stones in the water.

Every year, on June 22, people gather on the waterfront before sunset, load their boats with different stones, line up and float to the island of Our Lady of the Rocks from the town of Pošova from the side of Kotor. They sail to the Island of Our Lady of the Rocks, throwing stones into the water to preserve the integrity of this unique artificial island. In the old days it was punishable if someone on Fashinade did not sail to the island by boat and did not become part of this ancient custom. This was the duty of every citizen of Perast.

This event was named after the Italian word "fascia", which means a ribbon or bandage. It got this name because traditionally all boats are connected with each other and, filled with stones and decorated with apple branches, they move one column to the island of Our Lady of the Rocks.

It is worth mentioning that the oldest custom of Fashinada is included in the intangible cultural heritage of Montenegro.

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