Dobrec Beach for the fifteenth time received an international quality certificate - the Blue Flag

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There are no roads and settlements nearby, but Dobrich beach can only be reached by boat on the sea ... The stunning and untouched nature and the perfectly clean Adriatic sea are the reason for the fact that during the last 15 years the wild picturesque Dobec beach on the Herceg Novi Riviera of the Lustica Peninsula deserves international recognition and Blue Flag Awards.

The Blue Flag is an international award that is annually awarded to beaches that meet high standards of water and are suitable for safe bathing.

The awarding of this prestigious prize to the Dobrec Beach once again proves the high quality of sea water on the Montenegrin coast.

The landlord and user of the Dobrec beach during the last 17 years is Zoran Banicevic, who has collected many interesting stories about this beach, surrounded by untouched nature and crystal clear water in the Bay of the Adriatic Sea.

Many VIP guests, as well as nature lovers and non-standard (solitary) bathing, recreation and entertainment, come here. Zoran Banicevic says that guests from nearby luxury hotels and resorts who want to spend the day in pristine nature and in absolute silence often come to them, because Dobrec Beach is not very crowded and there is not any music.

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