«Bloody» moon and full moon eclipse in Montenegro

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At night, residents and visitors of Montenegro could observe a spectacular sight in the sky - a complete lunar eclipse, which coincided with another unique phenomenon with the mystical name «Bloody»​ moon.

Why is the Bloody Moon? The fact is that during the eclipse the moon will be painted in a bright red-brown color. This unique and stunning visual effect is associated with the fact that the atmosphere of the Earth passes the sun's rays only in the red-orange part of the spectrum, reflecting all the other colors. That is why the sun rays, passing along the tangent to the earth's surface, reach the surface of the Moon and stain it with a reddish-red color. For the same reason, during the sunrise and sunset the sky is painted in a red hue.

It should be noted that this moon eclipse that passed on Friday night, July 27, could be seen in different parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, and it was the longest in time and the most "bloody" in the history of the XXI century - its duration was about 1 hour and 43 minutes. In Montenegro, the lunar eclipse was observed in the course of an hour.

In addition to the eclipse of the moon, one could see Venus in the western part of the sky, and Jupiter and Saturn in the southern part, after the sunset. In addition to the full eclipse of the Moon, in the coming days Mars and Earth will be very close to each other, which is an excellent condition for observing Mars.

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