Ulcinj natural landmark: the wonders of the famous Zenska plaza (Women Beach)

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In the Ulcinj Riviera, in the picturesque bay between the Albatros hotel and the former Galeb hotel is the famous and very popular with the tourists and residents of Montenegro, the Women Beach. Due to the healing effect of sulfur and various minerals, which literally imbibe the sea and the surrounding air, many experts highly recommend this beach to women for the treatment of infertility and other diseases.

Thermal water from mineral springs flows on the sea bottom of the Women Beach, which was first studied 81 years ago, when unique and effective positive effects on the human body were established. Women beach filled with sulfur and various minerals is in a bay in the heart of the Ulcinj pine forest, which is an ideal environment for the treatment of the above diseases by natural factors.

Waves of purest seawater and sulfur create ideal molecules ideally suited for natural aerosol therapy, so many gynecologists believe that this place is excellently suited for therapeutic procedures, namely sunbathing, inhaling pure coniferous air and swimming in gray- mineral water of the warm Adriatic Sea.

Residents of Ulcinj, as well as regular visitors of this natural miracle located in the southernmost city of Montenegro, believe that women who struggle with infertility should come to the Women Beach every day at sunrise, sunbathe and swim completely naked. "The most wonderful feeling arises when you come to this beach in the morning - at this time the rich smell of pines and sea minerals is mixed and fills the lungs with a pleasant aroma."

Also on the territory of the Women Beach there is a cave, which in itself is very beautiful and mysterious. The coast of the beach is full of all kinds of shells, and in shallow water the water is dark green.

Women are still daily and massively visit this beach, especially in the summer, and it is always crowded from dawn to dusk. In addition to infertility treatment, gray-mineral sea water is also suitable for the treatment of hemorrhoids, dermatitis and many other female diseases.

Among other things, numerous beautiful legends are associated with the Women Beach. One of them says that every stone in the bay is a petrified tear of a woman who wants to become a mother ...

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