More than 200 kilograms of plastic wastes are collected on Budva Embankment

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Within the framework of the national project "Catch a clean wave" (Uhvati čist talas), from June 15 to July 25 at the Slovenska beach and the promenade of the resort town of Budva, volunteers collected more than 200 kilograms of various plastic bottles, plastic bags and packages, glass bottles, aluminum cans and other types of garbage, which will be processed, reported the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro.

"At the moment, all waste is stored in special containers - especially glass, plastic and aluminum cans. In the near future, it is expected that the collected glass containers will be removed, which is temporarily stored at the company "Komunalno" (Budva), "the statement said.

It should be noted that this environmental project in Montenegro was launched by Coca-Cola HBC Montenegro and the Ozon Environmental Movement in cooperation with the Ministry and the Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro, the State Enterprise for the Management of Morsko dobro, the Municipality of Budva, the company Komunalno and Regional range "Možura" in the city of Bar.

It is reported that the most important result of this action is the prevention of the formation and accumulation of various debris on the coast of Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea, which every year becomes an increasingly serious problem.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Montenegro appeals to all citizens and guests of the country to promote the preservation of the cleanliness of the Adriatic Sea and Montenegrin beaches, as well as the foot of the mountains and the banks of mountain rivers, to live and relax in a clean environment and meet tourists only with a positive image of Montenegro!

The project "Catch a clean wave" will last until September 15th.

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