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The tourist season in the Herceg-Nova Riviera, as in all of Montenegro, is in full swing. At the moment in the city of Herceg Novi there are about 39 000 registered tourists, which is eight percent more than at the same time last year. Of the total number of registered guests, 31,387 tourists are registered in the private sector, and 6,718 guests in hotels.

The tourist organization of Herceg Novi is very pleased with this summer season, since it is reported that it started earlier than usual, and official statistics on the number of registered tourists is accompanied by large financial indicators, in particular, when it comes to the tourist tax for staying in Montenegro.

It is worth noting that now in almost all the resort towns of Montenegro, a huge number of tourists are walking along the streets, kilometer traffic jams are every day on the roads, and almost all city streets are busy with cars. Any vacant place in the city turns into parking for a car, and the beaches are crowded with vacationers

On the other hand, owners of restarts, cafes, bars and other catering and trade enterprises note that their income this summer is much less than last year. They hope very much that a fairly bad profit in June and July will be compensated during this month.

On weekends, especially on Sunday, kilometer columns of cars were observed at all border points in the territory of Herceg Novi. At the entrance to Montenegro from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are much more cars than at the exit from the country. As reported by the Border Police of Montenegro, over the weekend, at the border crossings of Debeli Brijeg and Kobila from Croatia, at the border post of Sitnici with Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as at the maritime border in Zelenici, 119 855 tourists, 31 492 vehicles and 50 sea vessels were registered.

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