There are 58 pelicans more on Skadar lake

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The population of pelicans in Skadar Lake National Park has increased by 58 young individuals, an expert group of ornithologists at the State Enterprise for the Management and Control of National Parks and Nature of Montenegro reported.

"Within the framework of the project of the French international organization Noe Conservation, Montenegrin ornithologists conducted a summer survey and counting the number of pelicans that are one of the protected bird species in the Skadar Lake National Park," the statement said.

Ornithologists also reported that the use of various methods to preserve and increase the pelican population in Montenegro for many years have yielded positive results. Regular patrolling of the Skadar Lake, constant checking of the places where pelicans nest and live, the Skadar Lake National Park Protection Service, as well as video monitoring designed to monitor the status of these rare bird species around the clock create favorable conditions for the development and reproduction of pelicans in this protected area natural territory of Montenegro.

In addition, ornithologists of Montenegro noted that at the moment about 200 adult pelicans and 58 young pelicans in nests have been registered in the Skadar Lake National Park, and they invite all fans to observe the birds to visit this nature conservation area and enjoy the natural sights and picturesque panoramas of the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans.

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