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One of the most famous and popular sightseeing in Montenegro is Niagara Falls, located near Podgorica, because of the severe drought and high temperatures that are observed in this region of the country in July and August, was left without water ...

Niagara Falls, which attracts attention of residents and visitors of Montenegro for almost a year, passing through it and dropping tons of water from the mountain river Cievna, is completely dry at the beginning of this month, reports Anadolija (AA).

Niagara Falls in Montenegro, as a rule, every summer, in late July or early August, depending on the amount of rain and air temperature, remains completely without water. This year also was not an exception, but, unlike previous years, the Niagara Falls dried a little later than usual.

The Niagara Falls is four kilometers from the center of the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica. This popular tourist place is visited annually by several thousand people. It was built about 150 years ago to launch a water mill for grinding grain. Over time, the waterfall has become a favorite place for recreation both in Podgorica and other cities of Montenegro, as well as in the numerous tourists who come to Montenegro from all over the world. In the vicinity of the waterfall, along the river Cievna there are several beaches, a restaurant, as well as numerous places for picnics and outdoor recreation.

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