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Last night in the Budva district, near the town of Petrovac, fires raged, and the fire reached even the main highway of Montenegro - the Jadranski put.

Closer to the morning, the firefighters from Budva, with the help of colleagues from the cities of Bar, Kotor and Tivat, managed to stop the fire on the Pastrovacka mountain near the town of Petrovac, the flame of which descended down the mountain threatening the inhabited area. At night, residents of some settlements and individual houses located in the fire zone were evacuated. The head of the Budva Protection and Rescue Service, Dragan Bozovic, told TVCG that at the moment 99% of the fire has been extinguished.

Also D.Bozhovic told the television of Montenegro that at present local fires are only observed on the mountain in the Rezevici area, in the extinguishing of which, in addition to fire brigades, the aircraft takes part. He noted that last night the situation was quite complicated, since the fiery front was 5-6 kilometers.

"About an hour after midnight, a strong wind began and the fire from the top of Pashtrovachka Mountain reached the main road of Montenegro - the Yadran Way in just 10 minutes," Dragan Bozovic said. Fortunately, no one was injured, there were no human casualties, and all objects and houses were saved.

"This night we had a heroic battle with fire and wind, which ended with our victory. Not a single house was burnt, no one was hurt, some villages were evacuated, but completely preserved, and we kept the gas station and now everything is under control," D.Bozovic said.

Dragan Bozovic also said that the fire was most likely triggered by a lightning that struck the mountain last night in Pastrovacka mountain, after which a fire broke out.

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