In Podgorica a new law is adopted that provides for penalties

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In Podgorica a new Law on Public Service is adopted, which provides for severe penalties policy in the amount from € 100 to € 7 500. The law applies not only to residents, but also to visitors, who throw garbage in the streets and spoil the appearance of buildings and parks. According to the Act, which came into force on 26th of August in Podgorica it’s forbidden to walk pets in public places, washing vehicles near water sources, damaging benches and children's playgrounds in parks, the burning of old branches and leaves on open fires, and driving dirty cars on the roads of common use.
For example:
- A fine of 100 € per cigarette butt, empty bottle or other debris thrown by a trash can.
- A fine of 150 € for damage to traffic signs, graffiti on fences, walls and buildings elements, for damage of children's playgrounds, for the destruction of birds' nests and nesting boxes, as well as for damage to flowerbeds, for unmatched pasting paper ads, posters and billboards.
- A fine of 100 € will have to pay pet owners for a walk on the green lawn. The same penalty threatened for a walk along the path trodden by the sidewalk. But the owners of larger animals, such as goats, sheep and cows will have to pay € 1500 for grazing in the park. 
- A fine of up to 7 500 € will have to be paid for illegal tree cut down or a trench dug without coordination with the municipal services. 
- Under the new law only clean vehicles with clean wheels can travel on public roads. Violation of this also leads to the fine from € 1 500 to € 7 500.  

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