The authorities of Montenegro began to develop a project to open night flights to Tivat airport

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"There is no justification for the fact that in the 21st century, in a country that is a world famous tourist destination, the main airports, Tivat and Podgorica, to say the least, are not modern, not equipped with the latest technology, and are limited in time in acceptance and departure planes with tourists. We need to modernize our airports Tivat and Podgorica, as they are one of the main impulses of the country's economic development, as well as the development of tourism in Montenegro", - said Dragoljub Bulatovic, chairman of the Board of Directors of Montenegro Airports.

The board of directors of the airports in Montenegro recognized the need to develop in the near future a project to open night flights to the airport in Tivat, which will solve the long-term problem associated with the inability to take aircraft at night. The inability to take airplanes at night, from sunset to sunrise, makes Tivat airport ineffective for the increasing number of flights to Montenegro every year, which main passenger traffic is concentrated in a very short period of time and only in the daytime. This leads to airport overloading especially during the summer tourist season, when Tivat airport serves about 60 flights and more than 10 000 passengers in one day.

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