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Montenegrin beaches, although a recognizable brand all over the world, are rather limited in their resources, so in the upcoming period until the next summer season we will need to build new places for swimming and create new beaches, said the director of the management company of the Montenegrin coast JP Morsko dobro, Predrag Jelusic.

"In those coastal places of Montenegro where we had clear planning documentation, about 20 new bathing areas were built and, at the moment, this is one of our priorities in the upcoming period before the start of the new tourist season," said P Jelouchic.

He also said that JP Morsko dobro is generally satisfied with the cooperation with the tenants of Montenegrin beaches, which regularly fulfill all their obligations, especially in terms of safety for tourists. Despite this, Predrag Dzelusic also added that due to non-compliance with certain paragraphs of the signed agreement, JP Morsko dobro has terminated 15 contracts for renting the beach over the past 20 days. "This is a very small number of irresponsible tenants who do not comply with the terms of the contract," P. Djelusic said.

He also recalled that the revenues from the rental of the beaches of Montenegro this year are projected in the region of seven million euros, and, according to the law, half of the profits will go to the local government budget.

In addition, according to Predrag Dzelusic, the constant monitoring and analysis of the quality of sea water on various beaches in Montenegro, conducted this year by the Institute of Marine Biology, showed that the water in the Adriatic Sea on the coast is 98% of excellent quality.

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