One of the largest yachts in the world, owned by the governor of the UAE, visited Montenegro

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Megayacht «Yas», owned by the emir of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, visited Montenegro and stopped at the port of the resort town of Tivat. Within two days, a huge 141-meter yacht was in the Tivat Bay, as well as in the port of the elite residential area of ​​Porto Montenegro, where everyone could see it at the 5th berth.

In addition to the fact that this summer the largest yacht in the world visited Montenegro and the yacht complex of Porto Montenegro for the first time, it should also be noted that the Yas superyacht is very prominent among sea vessels of this class because of its unusual design and originality. Namely, this ultra-light luxury motor yacht that floats under the flag of the Cayman Islands, began life in the distant 1981 as a warship - the rocket frigate "Piet Hein" (Piet Hein) in the Netherlands.

In 1998, Holland sold a 3,500-ton frigate of the "Kortenaer" class of the UAE Navy, where it carried out assignments called "Al Emirat". In 2005, the frigate was bought by the emir of the United Arab Emirates and sent it to the shipyard ADMS in Abu Dhabi, where the old warship was reconstructed and turned into one of the most exclusive and largest private megayachts in the world.

In a new form and under the new name «Yas»​ the ship returned to the sea in 2015 and now it ranks the sixth in the list of the largest yachts in the world.

Due to the unique shape of the warship and the powerful engine, the yacht «Yas» has an unusually high top speed of 26 knots (48.15 km / h), and its unusual shapes and extra-rigid extra superstructure are some of the largest in the world, created from composite materials. This yacht can accommodate up to 60 guests with maximum luxury and convenience, which has a helicopter, several small motor boats, sailboats, speed boats, water scooters, etc., as well as various water activities.

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