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Within the framework of the national project "Development of panoramic roads in Montenegro"in the territory of the Durmitor National Park, construction of a tourist panoramic route «Ring of Durmitor» began. This project is implemented by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro in cooperation with local Tourist Organizations and NP "Durmitor".

The panoramic route «Ring of Durmitor» is, in fact, a circular road around the Durmitor National Park, about 80 km long, which runs through the most picturesque places of the park and is the most attractive part of the tourist offer of the NP "Durmitor". Throughout the journey, travelers are waiting for breathtaking views of the mountain peaks of Durmitor, canyons, mountain lakes and valleys. This panoramic path passes through the heart of the Durmitor mountain range and unique areas with stunning unspoilt nature.

"At the moment, the final stage of the installation of tourist signs is going on all the way, so that tourists do not wander and could independently travel to the NP Durmitor. In addition, we will make a tourist map of this route in several languages, and also create a special audio guide for the entire route. Throughout the way, we will create 16 places for rest, which will include the installation of arbors, benches, tables, message boards and the organization of parking spaces for cars, mopeds and bicycles. It is also worth noting that all places for recreation will be organized in such a way that the surrounding nature will not be affected, "said Anka Kujović, a representative of the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro.

She added that part of the construction work will be completed this fall, and in the spring, but in any case, in the next tourist season in Montenegro, a new panoramic road «Ring of Durmitor» will appear.

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