Montenegrin prsut received a gold medal in Croatia

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At the fifth international prsut festival, which recently took place in the town of Drnise in Croatia, the Montenegrin company Klaster Crnogorski Pršut from Cetinje won a gold medal in its category as the company producing the most popular and famous product - the Montenegrin prsut.

The company's vice president, Dragan Martinovic, told Radio Montenegro that this international recognition is very important to them, as this is the first international medal for this brand.

It should be noted that the competition lasted for a total of five days, and the submitted prsut was evaluated by professors and experts from the Croatian Veterinary Institute - the Veterinary Institute from Split. The main parameters on which the prsut were evaluated were: appearance, product quality, salinity of raw materials and other flavor characteristics that a really good and natural product should possess.

"I can inform the public that in July we submitted the relevant documents and specifications for obtaining the geographical mark of origin of Montenegrin prosciutto. We hope that the commission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro will soon make a positive decision and Montenegrin Prsut will become the fifth protected product in Montenegro, "Dragan Martinovich said.

The next contest, at which the Montenegrin prsut will be presented again, will be held in the end of October in Istria, Croatia.

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