The most popular names in Montenegro: Sofia and Vasiliy

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In 2018, the names Vasiliy and Sofia became the most popular in Montenegro among those that parents gave their newborn children. While Sofia, the second year in a row, is the most popular name among the newborn girls, this year Vasiliy removed the name of Luka from the throne, which in 2017 was the most popular male name in Montenegro.

In particular, the latest data of the Ministry of Home affairs of Montenegro, presented in the papers show that the most popular female names, which gave Montenegrins to their children for the past and in the first eight months of this year, this is Sofia (Sofije), Sara (Sara) , Masha (Maša) and Dunja (Dunja).

"In 2017, there were 132 Sofias, 84 Sarahs, 78 girls named Masha and 69 girls named Dunjas. In the first eight months of this year, Montenegrin parents chose Sofia for 81 newborn girls, 63 girls were named after Sarah, 52 - Masha and 43 Dunja, "the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro reported.

New women's names this year compared with the previous one were Emma, ​​with 23 girls named in Montenegro, Stasha - 22 and Anika - 20.

Unlike the list of the most popular names for girls, which has not changed much compared to 2017, the boys have a completely different situation.

Vasiliy got up from the fifth position occupied by them in the last year, replacing the name of Luke, which is now the fourth most popular name in Montenegro among newborn boys, while Lazarus kept the second position among the popular male names in this year.

"In 2017 in Montenegro was recorded 114 boys named Luka, 110 with the name of Lazar, 110 boys with the name Paul (Pavle), 108 - Vuk (Vuk) and 98 boys were named after Basil (Vasilije) . In the first eight months of 2018, the data show that the name Basil chose the majority of Montenegrin parents to their newborn boys, namely, 87 times, followed by Lazar - 74, Wook - 73, Luke - 61 and Paul - 59 "- said of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro.

Data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro also show that, compared to last year, two new male names appeared in Montenegro: Matej and Sava, which at the moment were named 20 and 23 newborn boys, respectively.

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