The city of Sutomore will receive a new square and embankment

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Next year in Montenegro a project for the reconstruction and greening of the square and the waterfront in the resort town of Sutomore will be launched, thanks to which the appearance of this popular tourist place will significantly change.

The development of the main design project is at the final stage, and the management company Morsko dobro has already allocated several hundred thousand euros for the implementation of the first phase of the construction, the director of the Morsko dobro company, Predrag Jelušić, announced today at the project's presentation in the municipality of Bar head of the municipality Dušan Raičević.

The implementation of the project for the construction and planting of greenery in Sutomore, an area of ​​26,000 m2, will significantly increase the attractiveness and quality of the tourist offers of this city, the city of Bar, as well as the whole of Montenegro.

"Currently, active work is underway on the details of the project and design, and by the end of September we are planning to complete it completely, in order to conduct a verification, all approvals and approve this rather large-scale project in November. The management company Morsko dobro has already provided us with 200 thousand euros to start the implementation of the first stage of reconstruction, so before the next season we intend to sign agreements with executors and developers," Predrag Gelusic said.

"Today we saw a clear and final picture of our planned investments in the city of Sutomore. The needs of tourists grow and change from year to year and Montenegro in this regard is trying to become an elite tourist destination, which travelers from all over the world will choose for recreation. The coastal city of Sutomore has great potential, and this project will make a significant contribution to the development of hotels, catering, services, services and other tourist offers of the city, "said the head of the municipality Bar, Dushan Raichevich.

All construction and repair work should begin in September 2019.

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