Reconstruction of the Durdevic Bridge on the Tara River

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The Djurdjevic Bridge, which is located on the river Tara in the north of Montenegro, will be reconstructed thanks to the investments of the Chinese government, which allocated five million euros for all works. All project documentation is prepared by Chinese companies, the deadline for the start of repair work is not known yet.

Djurdjevic's bridge is not only a symbol of Durmitor National Park, but also one of the main sights of Montenegro. In addition to exceptional traffic, historical and cultural significance, it is the most visited tourist destination in the northern part of Montenegro, and also represents a significant tourist potential.

"In the agreements signed by Montenegro and China, it is determined that the government of the People's Republic of China will allocate 40 million yuan or slightly more than 5 million euros for the reconstruction of the Djurdjevic Bridge, which, in addition to external repairs, will also include a fundamental reconstruction of the bridge's supports," - said Economic Policy Advisor Montenegro Vatroslav Belan.

It is not specified yet when exactly the work on reconstruction of the bridge will begin, but it will definitely be very soon, notes the government of Montenegro. "This project is an interest and a desire for both sides. We are in constant, daily contact with each other and are working hard to quickly coordinate the necessary documentation and preparation of this project," added V. Belan.

"The project for the reconstruction of poles, arches, platforms, fences, etc., based on the feasibility study, as well as the preliminary design project of the Djurdjevic bridge will be prepared by the Chinese side and sent to us for approval," said Vetroslav Belan.

The purpose of this project is to breathe new life into the bridge, restore the former greatness and ensure complete safety for pedestrians and motorists.

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