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Today, in the resort city of Tivat, the European Mobility Week (ENM) in Montenegro started, which is aimed at improving the health of the population and the quality of life in cities for residents and visitors of the country by improving infrastructure, as well as promoting and encouraging citizens' mobility, namely their walking around the city by bicycles or on foot. This year's theme is Multimodality, that is, the combination of several modes of transport within one or several trips.

"This year our campaign is focused on the multimodality of the city under the slogan" Unite and move "in order to show all citizens and guests of Montenegro who go to work, school or to rest, that there are many advantages of using other modes of transport other than a car" said Fiona McCluney, UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro, at a press conference organized at the APSS Summer School of Architecture in Porto Montenegro (Tivat, Montenegro).

During the next 7 days, the European Mobility Week, various walking tours, group trips by bicycles, various educational and recreational activities for children, as well as exhibitions, seminars and lectures in various cities of Montenegro are organized: Podgorica, Tivat, Kotor, Budva, Niksic and Cetinje. The final event is scheduled for September 22, when the International Day without a car will be celebrated.

"We want to show residents and guests of Montenegro that European values ​​are also present in this country. We will protect the nature and health of people from exhaust gases in various ways. Despite the fact that in recent decades, air pollution has declined, its level remains quite high and, at the moment, the problem of air pollution is preserved all over the world. I hope that this week will encourage many residents and visitors of Montenegro to use public transport, bicycle and walking as often as possible," said Aivo Orav, head of the EU delegation in Montenegro.

One of the participants of the APSS is Elizabet Sandel from Germany, who together with her colleagues devoted her project to the problem of pedestrian zones off the Adriatic coast. "We are facing a very big problem - it is impossible to walk calmly along the coast and enjoy the environment. We presented this in our work, where Chaos is represented with the help of stretched silver strips, under which there is a mattress, representing the desired world. Thus, we showed contrast," said Elizabeth Sandel.

The European Mobility Week has been held since 2002 and has already visited more than 2,000 cities throughout Europe.

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