Budva is a favorite place in Montenegro for weddings!

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From the beginning of this year until September 20, 175 marriages were concluded in Budva, more than a third of which became foreign couples.

It should be noted that Budva has long been honorably the title of Montenegrin Las Vegas, as it is the most popular city in Montenegro, which is chosen by young couples for the ceremony of marriage.

This summer, in addition to Montenegrins, couples from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Norway, Turkey, England, Canada and other countries of the world also marryed in this popular resort town on the Adriatic coast.

According to the registrar, namely the marriage registrar in the municipality of Budva, Žane Kape, in the coming months, more weddings will take place in the city and, judging by the statistics and submitted documents, this year the number of marriages will exceed last year's results. "In 2017, 233 marriages were registered in Budva, while in 2016 205 couples were married. I hope that by the end of 2018 this figure will exceed last year's ", - said Z.Kape.

For those who plan to marry in Montenegro next year, let's say that young couples will need to allocate 30 euros for a wedding in the municipality of Budva, and also if you want the registrar of a registry office to come to your restaurant or to a certain place for an exit ceremony of marriage, it will be necessary to pay 150 euros.

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