Cold Arctic air to come to Montenegro

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In the coming days, cold polar air masses will come to Montenegro this autumn with cold weather, a significant drop in temperature and quite strong winds.

On Radio and television of Montenegro, meteorologist Dragan Burich said that the weather would remain sunny and warm in almost all the territory of the country, but on Monday in the second half of the day a sharp deterioration of weather conditions and considerable chilling was expected. He also noted that on Monday night, on Tuesday, at the top of the highest mountains, located in the north of Montenegro, at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level, it may be even snowing.

"In addition, on Monday evening and during the night, on the coast of the country there will be strong gusts of wind in the north and north-east directions. On Tuesday and Wednesday it will be mostly sunny, but still quite windy and cool. In the north of Montenegro it will be cold, and in the highlands of the country even morning frosts are possible, "Dragan Burich said. He also announced that during these three days a temperature drop of about 10 degrees Celsius is expected, and possibly mainly in the north of Montenegro.

"The wind will gradually weaken on Wednesday, and starting from Thursday the daily temperature of the air will rise," Burich said.

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