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JP Morsko Dobro, which manages the coast of Montenegro, signed a contract with D.O.O. "Electro team" (Budva) for the organization and conduct of final construction work on the construction of a pedestrian walkway from Risan to Perast. This is the IV, the final phase of the construction of this pedestrian route, which involves laying the sidewalk along the entire length of the route, 2.1 km in length, with the highest quality paving decorative tiles. The width of the paved walkway will be 1.5 meters. The total cost of construction works only in phase IV will be 349 054.94 euros.

As it was reported from the company JP Morsko Dobro, when preparing the project task, special attention was paid to the selection and planning of the mosaic covering, which was to be fully integrated into the already existing environment of the Kotor-Risan Bay. This project also provides for the establishment of two parking spaces for 14 parking spaces each, as well as the construction of recreational areas and special places with panoramic views of the coast and Kotor Bay. At this stage of construction, in addition to laying paving slabs, along the entire path will be installed protective fences along the curbs both from the side of the roadway and from the sea.

According to the Contract, the contractor will start work in early October and it is planned that the construction will last 100 calendar days. Upon completion of all construction works, trees and shrubs are planted, wooden benches, garbage boxes and other equipment are installed.

Recall that in the previous 2 years, JP Morsko carried out construction work to expand the road in the Risan-Perast area, and in 2018, before the summer tourist season, completed the installation of public lighting, which previously was not in this part of the Adriatic Highway. The total cost of all works is about 650 000 euros.

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