Repair of cableways and lifts in the ski resort Savin Kuk

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In the ski resort Savin Kuk (Zabljak), which is located in the north of Montenegro, they have begun preparations for the winter season, namely, a major overhaul of cableways and lifts is underway.

This year, the summer season at the ski resort of Zabljak was very busy - more than 16.5 thousand tourists took the cable car to Bobotov Kuk mountain. It is also worth noting that on September 30, the summer season ended in the resort Savin Kuk.

“I can say with confidence that, despite the rather rainy summer, we are pleased with this summer tourist season, as we had a good autumn post-season. This year, September and October were warm and sunny, so we managed to compensate for the shortage of guests in the first half of summer because of the rain, ”said the director of the ski center Savin Kuk, Milutin Tomich.

After the end of the summer season on the ski slopes Savin Kuk immediately began to actively prepare for the winter and repair cableways and lifts.

“We have already started a major overhaul of lifts and ski lifts, which includes the removal of metal cables and ropes, the dismantling of seats, inspection of each support, repair of engines and gearbox, and much more. If everything goes according to plan and if weather conditions allow, the Savin Kuk ski center will be fully ready by the beginning of the winter season in Montenegro already on November 15, ”said M. Tomic. He also recalled that in the summer, the construction of a new access road to the Savin Kuk (Zabljak) resort, the repair of old roads to the ski slopes and the reconstruction of the parking lot were carried out.

Prices for ski services are not yet fully formed, but it is expected that the cost of ski passes at Savin Kuk ski resort (Zabljak) will remain at last year’s level, namely 12 euros per day for adults and 8 euros / day for children.

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