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Today, on the Palace Square in the city of Cetinje (Montenegro), the fourth exhibition of old-timers was held, which featured rare, old-fashioned and expensive cars from Europe and the United States of America.

The representative of the organization “2Fast4you”, Konstantino Franki (Konstantino Franki), said that he was very glad to visit Montenegro again and was taking part in this event with great pleasure.

“Today at the exhibition we presented nine unique cars of such brands as: Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bugati. It is worth noting that their owners, many of whom first came to Montenegro, are very pleased with the organization of the holiday, and also share their positive emotions and impressions of the country. Montenegro is a beautiful and quite a hidden tourist destination, and I think that you need to tell as much as possible about your country. We know about your country more and more, and we are very pleased with the cooperation with the Tourist Organization Cetinje, and we will try to further promote this beautiful and unique city. We hope that next year it will be interesting for all owners of retro cars to come back to Montenegro, ”said K. Franky.

Director of the Cetinje Tourism Organization, Oskar Huter (Oskar Huter) reported that the main goal of this event is to enrich the tourist offer of the city of Cetinje and all of Montenegro.

“We intend to do everything so that our cultural and historical sights are spotted in the background of these rare cars, because photographs of these unique vehicles, as well as similar events are published in the most prestigious automotive magazines in the world. Our goal is that all the people who came to Montenegro and visited the city of Cetinje, told everyone about our city and its sights, about the beauty of the nature of Montenegro and that we have everything to hold all sorts of international events at the very high level, ”said O. Khuter.

The organizers of the exhibition are vintage cars: Tourist Organization Cetinje, the organization “2Fast4you” and the National Museum of Montenegro.

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