The municipality of Tivat refused to buy new palm trees for the Pine promenade

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The authorities of the Montenegrin resort town of Tivat have refused a contract for the purchase and planting of a total of 11 new large saplings of the Canarian date palm on the main city embankment Pine. This contract was concluded several months ago with the company MK Green Factory, whose offer was chosen thanks to a tender that was held by the local administration.

The trees were supposed to be from 4 to 5 meters in height and 1.6 meters in diameter. The municipality of Tivat planned the planting of nine Canarian date palm saplings on the city Pine Embankment, which were to replace the same number of surviving palms infected by pest beetles. Two new trees were to be planted in front of the Tivat Cultural Center, which last year also had no recognizable appearance - two large Canarian palm trees on either side of the stairs and the entrance to the building.

The MK Green Factory company had to do all the work for 84,483 euros including VAT, but at the same time the contract was terminated by mutual agreement.

“We have abandoned the planned work on the purchase and planting of Canary palm trees, unjustified investments, the current unreasonable nature of planting such expensive trees, as well as performing all the related work due to the obvious risk of attacking the palm pest beetle. This insect lives in the region of the whole Montenegrin coast and has already quite firmly settled in Montenegro. Most of the measures taken to protect palm trees from the pest of beetle and its removal did not show the desired results, which additionally indicates the deplorable state of palm trees in Montenegro. All this leads to the only conclusion that further investments in the purchase and planting of palm trees in Montenegro are not expedient at the moment, ”said a representative of the municipality of Tivat.

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