Adventure Park near Herceg Novi opens on October 21

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The opening of the Adventure Park, which is the largest in this part of Europe and located in the Vrban district on Mount Orjen at an ideal altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, is scheduled for October 21, 2018 at 12:00 pm.

A representative of the park, Miroslav Milanovic, said that he had studied a lot of entertainment facilities and admitted that after only a few minutes spent in an adventure park, a person felt a surge of adrenaline and a huge charge of energy, therefore all visitors, regardless of age and gender, were in this park, felt great and comfortable.

“In the Adventure Park on Vrban there are 44 training tracks and 720 meters of cables laid. These figures probably will not tell much to the majority of residents and guests of Montenegro, but they mean a lot to those people who do sports, who love mountains and who know what walking is. All rope tracks are laid along certain routes in order not to violate the integrity of nature and we need to be completely sure that everything is absolutely safe and completely ready for opening on October 21. In addition, we had five days of intensive training with the people who installed this rope park. The entire staff of the park, so far only nine of them, have been fully trained for instructors and are ready to ensure safety and comfortable rest to every resident and guest of Montenegro who visited Adventure Park on Vrban, ”said Miroslav Milanovic.

Miroslav Milanovic also underlined the assistance and excellent cooperation with the Herceg Novi Municipality, the City Development and Construction Agency and the Orjen Mountain Protection Agency during the preparation and implementation of the project for the construction of this Adventure Park, which will provide its guests with unique content and become a meeting point for a huge number of people not only from Montenegro, but also from the neighboring countries of the Balkan region who love a healthy lifestyle.

Adventure Park on Vrban, located near the town of Herceg Novi, will become the largest park in the Balkan region.

For everyone who is already interested in this park, we have very good news - the first year the entrance to the adventure park will be completely free for all comers.

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