Today, the demolition of 17 houses located on the coast of the Bojana River begins in Ulcinj

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Today, the demolition of 17 illegally built houses, which are located on the bank of the Bojana River near the city of Ulcinj, will begin, the management company JP Morsko dobro said.

It is planned to demolish 17 houses located in the so-called "Red Zone". JP Morsko dobro reported that all facilities that were built without a permit or do not meet the standards, including all residential and non-residential buildings located in the Red zone on the bank of the River Bojana, were sent to the competent inspection services, which decided about the demolition of most illegal houses.

It is worth noting that from 2016 to the present the red, orange and green zones are marked on the plan of the River Bojana.

The red zone runs along the bank of Bojana and is located at the confluence of the river into the Adriatic Sea. In the area, two years ago, there were about 30 residential buildings, and now there are only 17. In this part of the coast of the Bojana River, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro (MURiTCH) plans to carry out drainage works related to the expansion of the river mouth. The orange zone is located on the right bank of the Bojana River. It is planned that 35 buildings built in this zone will be removed by 2020. Green areas are those places in the area where construction is allowed.

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