What winter is expected in Montenegro?

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Meteorological Service AccuWeaether announced the main seasonal weather forecast for Europe for the upcoming winter. According to them, this winter in many European countries, including the countries of the Balkan region, a warm and dry winter is expected, but the eastern and eastern parts of the continent will be threatened by an “eastern beast” - a cold front that will lead to excessively low air temperatures.

According to the forecast of this meteorological service, in the Balkans, including in Montenegro, as well as in the countries of Southeast Europe, there will be a fairly warm and dry winter. "The only exception will be Greece, where there will be periodic breakouts of cold winds and heavy rains," AccuWeather reported. They also reported that in the north of Europe the upcoming winter will be with quite strong hurricane winds and torrential rains.

The highest risk of powerful storms, strong gusts of wind and heavy rain will be during December, and from January to March more calm and dry weather is expected.

From next week, cold air from the Arctic will come to Europe, which will lead to a change in weather and lower temperatures. At the same time, in the Arctic region, the cold front will begin to move towards Scandinavia, and then develop, strengthen and move towards Eastern Europe, according to meteorological service AccuWeather.

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