Seven companies are interested in the construction of an area in the village of Radovici

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During an open tender * for the construction of the main square in the village of Radovici, located on the Lustica peninsula in Montenegro, worth 80 thousand euros, the Public Procurement Commission of the Municipality of Tivat received seven bids.

*Tender (electronic auction) - bidding on a competitive basis, where the winner is chosen by voting by a specially assembled commission. According to the method of bidding and the composition of their participants, there is an open and a closed tender. An open tender is an offer from a customer published in the media with the aim of attracting participants. An application for participation in the relevant auction can be submitted by any company or individual entrepreneur, if they satisfy all the conditions of technical documentation.

Companies that have applied to participate in a tender for the construction of an area in the village of Radovici: “Flemer Stone - AG”, “V project” and “Akroplois” from the city of Niksic, “Incom”, “Montal DSD” and “Avio Petrol” from Podgorica and "Djokic Group" from the city of Bar.

In addition, the Commission on Government Procurement in Montenegro received two proposals for the purchase and installation of an acoustic conference system for the assembly hall with a total cost of 35 thousand euros. These applications were received from Sipa companies from Podgorica (Montenegro) and Open It from Belgrade (Serbia). The digital conference system should include a detailed technical solution, in particular, the laying of cables and the configuration of all equipment, and this system should allow for more efficient sessions of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat.

Companies from Podgorica, Grand Design and M Sport MNE, are interested in repairing the sports field, which cost 31 thousand euros.

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