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The Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development of Montenegro, Pavle Radulovic, visited the construction site of the Tara 1 and 2 bridges, which will be located above the Tara River, and said that due to the construction work on the highway, the Tara River was not disturbed.

We will remind that earlier the non-governmental organization MANS published videos and photos of this place of construction, made from the drone. The photo shows that, due to the construction work on the highway and the construction of the piers of Tara 1 and 2 bridges, the Tara riverbed changes, because, as they say from MANS, its trough is shifted to the side.

“During the construction of bridges, the river Tara is constantly regulated and, at the moment, there is no violation of the river’s flow,” P. Radulovich told reporters after visiting the construction site. He also stated that Montenegrin and foreign experts do not see a problem in the current state of the Tara riverbed.

“I do not see anything that is not normal for a construction site of this type,” said Pavel Radulovich, and also added that at the moment there are no deviations from the main approved project for the construction of bridges over the Tara River.

“The Tara River will continue to carry the proud title of“ Tear of Europe ”as the cleanest mountain river in Europe - it simply has no other choice ...”, said Pavel Radulovich.

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