92 electric vehicles are registered in Montenegro

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Currently, only 92 electric vehicles are registered in Montenegro, while over one million electric cars are already registered in the European Union.

It is mainly about small electric vehicles that are used within the city. According to unofficial data, in Montenegro, only 15 improvised petrol stations have been created so far, where you can recharge an electric car. Experts say that if Montenegro completely switches to decarbonated electric transport, the state will save between 200 and 300 million euros per year. The statement also says that the state needs to subsidize the purchase of electric cars.

Electric cars are not the future of the automotive industry, but its current state in many countries of Europe and the world. Despite the fact that global sales of electric cars are growing, this type of transport is still rather shyly entering the market of Montenegro.

The main advantage of the wider use of electric vehicles than vehicles with internal combustion engines is their environmental impact. The goal of the European Union is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to 1990. Germany among the first European countries may abandon diesel vehicles by 2020.

“Now, according to unofficial data, there are about 15 gas stations in Montenegro, which were made for their own needs in some hotels, shops and luxury residential complexes, as well as in car dealerships that sell electric cars. The main problem is that as long as we do not have public gas stations where you can charge an electric car,” said Dalibor Milosevic from the Ministry of Transport of Montenegro. He also said that the state needs to change the laws related to the purchase and maintenance of electric vehicles. “We will not be able to provide an incentive for the citizens of Montenegro or for the economy until we provide them with the appropriate infrastructure for the use of electric vehicles,” said D. Milosevic.

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