The study shows: Budva is a rather boring city for young people.

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38.1% of young people in Budva municipality believe that living in this popular Montenegrin resort town is rather boring, 18.9% of teenagers said that living is uncertain, 11.2% is modest, 11.1% consider living in Budva to be interesting and pleasant, and 12.7 percent of respondents did not know what to answer this question. These figures showed the needs of young people in the city of Budva, conducted in May by a working group that worked on the draft Municipal Youth Strategy 2018-2021.

The survey was conducted online, and 307 people aged 15 to 30 years became respondents. Most of them were high school students, namely, 148 people aged 15 to 19 years. Of the total number of respondents, 64.5% were women and 35.5% men. In addition, 53.4 percent - representatives of secondary schools, 20.2% - students, 11.7% - college graduates, and 11.1% representatives of the magistracy took part in the study.

According to the research data of Monstat, 4061 youth representatives live in Budva. When asked what they would like to change in the city of Budva, the majority of respondents said that they want young people to have a greater influence on the most important decisions on the development of the city. Some of the respondents would make changes in education, for example, they would improve the conditions for working in secondary schools, repair school buildings and monitor the work of teachers and professors.

When asked about medicine and health, one of the suggestions of the majority of respondents was the construction of a hospital. Also, the majority of respondents believe that Budva should have more green areas, parks, playgrounds and sports facilities.

A significant number of respondents were in favor of prohibiting minors from access to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and discos.

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