Submarine Una is the first exhibit of the Maritime Museum in the open air

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The small submarine submarine Una Class P-916, which is currently in pristine condition at the port on the Lustica peninsula, will be restored and delivered to the city of Herceg Novi, where the local government plans to create the Maritime Museum in the open air.

Small submarines of the Una class were built in 1979 - 1988 at the shipyard in the city of Split. A total of six submarines of this type were built during this period, the P-911 Tisa, the P-912 Una, the P-913 Zeta, the P-914 Soča, the P-915 Vardar and the P-916 Vrbas.

The submarine Una of Class P-916 is 19.5 meters long, 2.7 meters wide, 3.6 meters high, weighs 90 tons and is equipped with two 18 kW engines. The depth of the submarine submersion is 105 meters, and the maximum depth - 120 meters. Under water, the submarine P-916 can be up to 6 days without floating. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, all submarines were brought to Montenegro, with the exception of the submarine P-914, which was under repair in the city of Split during the civil war and which remained in the ownership of the Republic of Croatia.

According to Radio Jadran, the exact location of the maritime museum in Herceg Novi has not yet been determined, but, at the moment, the local administration has two places: in Kumbor and Melina. The desire of the local administration is to find a place where other underwater exhibits can be placed next to this submarine in order to open its open-air Maritime Museum for the first time in Herceg Novi.

The reorganization of the submarine Una Class P-916 into a museum exhibition will be carried out in two stages, and the total cost of the work will amount to 8,400 euros.

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